Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Purple Rain

 Halston Heritage sweater
American Apparel pants 
Vintage Bag, necklace
Dolce Vita flats 

Hey guys,
So sorry I haven't done a proper outfit post in a while! As you can see today I kind of put to action some of the trends I wanted to try out, this one being monochromatic. I know the purples aren't the same but this is as close as I'll get to it until I buy some matching pieces. Today was an amazing day because I bought a Givenchy (!!!!!) dress for an amazing price, the only sour part is that the tag said it was my size and once I got home, I realized it was a size too small. There is no way I am returning a Givenchy dress so I am going to be hitting the gym extra hard these days! I also bought some other amazing things which I will share with you all very soon! xo

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