Monday, 25 February 2013

Best of Milan

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Hey peeps! 
So Milan fashion week has officially come to an end and I have to say some of the Italians let me down a little. Yes Prada and Versace blew it out of the park but others like Salvatore Ferragamo, Marni and Missoni really did not impress me at all. I was especially bummed about Ferragamo because they have become one of my fave Italian label but this fall collection was to tame and far too minimalistic. Thankfully Dolce and Gabbana went the complete opposite with an incredible opulent collection that featured some killer accessories. Peter Dundas of Pucci delivered a rather calm performance which he seems to be doing for a few seasons now. To be honest, I miss the crazy prints Pucci is known for and I hope he brings it back quick. Gucci offered some much needed drama to Milan and although it was a very dark collection it was incredibly sexy. Overall I would say my favorite show at Milan was of course Versace. Once again, Donatella rocked it at Milan.

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